PS:176 – Code Done.

I picked up a coding project to fix a number of issues for a customer (actually, I have 2 now) but this one is a monthly gig it looks like, basically the original programmer did some weird stuff with processing images, and it fails for some reason. I dug through their code trying to find a reason why and it appears when parsing a CSV file it appends a TON of extra lines which overwrite database/files.

Instead of sorting out their code, I simply re-wrote my own with some of their functions because how they manage images is built into the theme, and we need a real fix long-term, but short-term images are missing from a big classifieds shop, and they need it sorted, so my script does what theirs does, but compensates for the extra CSV entries that it made up.

Hope to have it live, test item worked, but leaves a big gap to run it against all classifieds to re-parse their images from the feed, but should work out good.

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