PS:177 – One Down, 5 to go!

Strangely today I’m thankful that one of my bids I put out has not contacted me back. I sent out several quotes and invoices over the 2 weeks and slowly waiting for them to come in, one normal one that used to come like clockwork, slower and slower to get here – but I hope I’ll survive.

At least my project I talked about yesterday ran fantastic. 2.5 hours to fully complete, once I re-write everything I’m going to re-work that and use a few CLI tools for image manipulation and pull things out of this image class in PHP, then I can just pull all images, run a nightly shell script and simply let the theme assume images are made as such – should streamline things a bit.

Excited though got all my major quotes accepted, a good chunk of time, some is a monthly re-structure, and starting the 1st of next month I take over some servers and get things rolling for a long-time customer. Going to be busy, and going to be a late night, so must get Lilly to bed, then get to it!

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