PS:18 – The Bad Guy.

I’ve always known my kids would see me as the bad guy. I know they’d also see me as the fun guy, but I see Lilly even right now as I write this looking at me upset because every time she sits up I say “Lay Down” not yelling, not mean, but firm. She does it.

My dad if I focus on only correcting and directing I’d say he was the bad guy too. My mom may agree dad did the bad guy duties, but at the end of the day even my dad as the mean/bad guy – I knew he loved me. He’d even reassure me “I love you” as he corrected.

I look at my dad now even in his communication with me he always tells me as I go “I love ya son!” and that’s what I hope to replicate with Lilly. She may be a girl; she may become the Mommy’s Little Girl and get all girly. But at the end of the day, I want her to know – Dad loves her. Even if he’s correcting, or not pushing fun. He loves her.


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