PS:180 – Against a Wall.

Tonight I’ve worked up to the wall, and instead of going through it, over it, or around it. I’ve decided to paint it. At least the wall looks pretty, because I’ve been staring at it for hours now! Even once stood up and realized “I’ve been sitting for over 6 hours” – haven’t done that in a while, sadly I have a lot more to go.

Tonight I’ve so far deployed and built out not only a nice cluster of servers, but setup 4 servers of my own, including but not limited to my own VPN server re-built from the ground up, two original servers from the dawn of Thrust Networks, namely Apollo and Sputnik are both on deck, Homestar too! I’ve got a handful of mail servers, and just a lot of hardware to work with! Some 100GB+ of memory, 4TB+ of storage, and all on speedy SSD drives. If you aren’t a computer person this = fast.

The new server company has been awesome. They have been quick to respond, helpful in sorting things out, and getting things up and running. Even now things on the backend linked up with a nice private network, all at no additional cost. Can’t complain.

So thus for another night I’m sure to be up past my 2am bedtime, digging in, cPanel is installing in the background right now, last copy installed in just about 20 minutes (a little less actually) – this one is chugging along and already about 50% done – at this rate I’m going to call it a night hopefully not much after 2 (probably 3), for some of these moves I can do it silently in the night, no customers should have issue – overall, big growth. Hoping for more on all fronts. Things are going to change.

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