PS:181 – Big.

I’m really trying to grow my business. I want it to be big. Granted I’ve had some offers come across my table which were “ideas” that if I’d sell it off and have a full time gig then running an entire division for a hosting company so they could focus on other things (they have a pile of clients too) but since nothing has come about, no sense waiting around ever in a holding pattern!

This weekend I grabbed some more continuing education, I have a pile, and since I can’t do a TON of work on the train this coming week as we take Lilly to her capital trip, I plan to download a few of the videos to the iPad, some of the reading as well and just dive in.

Now of course there will be “Cookie” watching as it’s downloaded to the iPad, iPhone, Nexus 6, and Tab A – thank you Amazon for the best kid show with one episode to keep Lilly Distracted! I should get the Give a Mouse a Cookie book as well for the trip, might be a nice low-tech add-on 😀

But back to the business, this big move has been really nice. Shaking some cobwebs of things, re-working FlockHosting & Thrust Networks front’s they will be the same site short of the logo. Heck if I could come up with a way to put in a pre-processing statement into the theme that said:

if ($siteURL = {
echo “FlockHosting”;
} else {
echo “Thrust Networks”;

Heck that’d be awesome! I really want to echo some of the core design/ideas etc. to work on both sites, then as Thrust Networks I’m moving out of the shared platform a little I want it to focus more on Servers & VPS and FlockHosting I’m still thinking of simply creating a hosting platform for Church Hosting and making it a non-profit, I think that may be the best bet overall, but I want it to grow, but I don’t want folks to simply always go for the free hosting, because even now traveling ministers want free hosting, I know folks want a deal, but Churches are my core focus, for everyone else, $5 isn’t much to ask! It really isn’t!

But I have some great things, even in helping one customer I’ve given him a TON of extras for giving his clients by re-structuring as I suggested, so a lot to do. Not a ton of time to do it in, and I’m strapped for sleep so bad, won’t see much of anyone today, just going to focus, get it done, take a few 15 minute exercise breaks (Elliptical is ready to go!) and drink lots of water to really just clear my system out and get ready for a busy week, leading into a Thursday -> Saturday trip which will add Nevada to Lilly’s list and me squeezing in a Video Conference on a train! Woot!

Anywhoo, as I know not many folks read this aside from you Daisy and a few folks looking for a set of old Ubuntu and Phone guides, here’s to having a good week!

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