PS:185 – Still not done.

Took longer. Here we are at 4am, I’m rolling as much work in as I can while I finish up the final bits. So far I’ve helped 2 other server customers with issues, resolved a BIG issue one one customer’s client’s server, twas crazy glitch, someone who setup the server (wasn’t me) did NOT know what they were doing, but all things said and done, it’s ready for a reboot tomorrow.

I wish I could be in bed sleeping, but for now, I have only about 12 more sites to review – have a MASSIVE image optimization going on at this moment, JPEG took about 30 minutes, still doing some wild stuff with PNG files, but much quicker this way vs. 3rd party WordPress plugin, did it in dev, pushing it to live, going to have it be a twice daily cron on any files newer than yesterday, so should keep it running lean from here on out, customer uploads anything within 12 hours it will get compressed and tuned up.

Back to it. Minor break to breathe and write is now done.

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