PS:186 – Travel Day – Ugh.

Today was a travel day, the idea was simple Train to Sacramento -> Uber -> Airport -> Rental Car -> Carson City Bound. So let’s go step by step.


Awesome as always, people to talk to, no driving for me, and got us to Sacramento on time. And that’s where it went downhill.

Uber {Fail!}

Uber was the big talk online, even their site talks about car seats, however apparently no one in Sacramento has one. After 3 failed attempts I found a lady who claimed she had one, and came right away. However upon arrival she tells me she does not, then proceeds to bill me $5 for the cancellation. sigh then we gave up, trekked 2 blocks or so to the 042A bus and took a 30 minute bus to the airport, a shuttle to the rental cars for the fail.

Budget Rental Car {Fail!}

They got my money, then lost my car. Yes. Lost my car. It was coming to the front, had a car seat, and they lost it. I think it was over an hour (it all becomes a haze in heat + exhaustion + frustration) but finally a manager swooped in, gave me a SUV upgrade at the base car price, and got us on our way (woot!)


We swing through Truckee -> North Lake Tahoe -> Carson City and crashed out for the night (please note there were activities, I’m just too tired to write anymore so I’m wrapping up) 🙂

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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