PS:193 – Rebuilding Rome.

So I have had a slew of projects on the docket the last few weeks, one of the big ones is a magazine’s online version of their print publication, and I was brought in to pick up the pieces and put out fires where the other developer decided to move on to things that were “worth my time” as he put it. So I picked up the pieces, and to top it off, the server they inherited got 4 SMART Hard Drive notifications of pre-failure. Ack.

I’ve moved fairly quickly to get things sorted, online and operational including converting an old piece of hardware into a cloud server with 10x the ram, modern CPU and SSD glory. Very happy with the finished product, it has been a nightmare overall but it’s DONE.

I am going to now spend the next 2 days burning through code like mad to meet another deadline, Monday I have a 1pm meeting with a guy about his website design (need to put it online) and somewhere in there – nap time! Woohoo!


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