PS:194 – After the dust settles…

The last 2 months alone I haven’t felt like me. At all. I feel like a machine just going through a list of instructions and getting done as much as I can squeeze in, taking every moment and filling it with work, tasks for others, and then more work.

Right now I’m trying to get in a blog post for an audience of maybe 2 people, I’m working on migrating 250+ accounts from 4 servers into one big boy with some great enhancements. I’ve got some pie (perl pie) lined up amazing one a single line of text can do.

I haven’t drone’d, photo’d, movie’d, walk’d or anything else I can think of that makes me me, except the sysadmin part, and I didn’t even get flowers on Sysadmin Day! Really just drained. Really tired. Really stressed.

The plan is to finish this pile of work – I do have to change some 200+ MySQL passwords tonight it seems because the upgrade is coming from such old SQL and I don’t work with the customers I’m moving, so no one knows how to do what I have to do, which is basically edit wp-config of about 200 wordpress sites, copy the password, change it on MariaDB (new engine, SQL compatible) – but once ALL of this is done, I’d love to get some more “me” specific time, a time-lapse, a drone flight, a trip to the beach to help a certain nephew setup a 3D Printer, Watch Give a Mouse a cookie 300 more times with Lilly (wild 2 yr old!)

Going to wrap up this post, going to go grab a snack I think, if I remember past hitting post.

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