PS:196 – Only 11 remain…

So finishing this coding project, oi. I want a nap. This go-go-go may afford me to upsize my meal and get a large Powerade instead of medium, but this week needs some relax in it. Thus I’ve compiled the:

Things I would like to do this week so I can relax and rest and hopefully feel a lot better than I do right now list.

Clever list name I know. So the things I’d like to do:

  • Go get a massage.
  • Take at least 2 unplanned naps.
  • Get the 3D Printer fixed (it’s shifting about 3-4 inches up and ruining prints)
  • Fly the Drone
  • Setup a time-lapse somewhere cool!

I know I likely won’t get to complete all of these, but I hope to! I want to do the drone somewhere cool, same with the time-lapse I want it to be somewhere beautiful as I finally figured out settings!

Sadly there is a second list, it’s titled:

While I would love a break sadly the real world tells me I must get these things done list.

  • Move magazine website (it didn’t move this weekend, it’ll move Monday Night)
  • Shutdown 2 VPS servers Tuesday
  • Work on FlockHosting
  • Clean the Room
  • Clean the Truck
  • Do Laundry
  • Exercise

So we shall see what this week holds – tired. Achy. Off I go!


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