PS:198 – New Day

So yesterday I did throw up. Was not fun at all, through my first meeting I got texts galore from a customer who will remain nameless…. which lead to being late for the next tasks I had some work at the LifeFM to accomplish, and I did in the end, just about 1 1/2 hours later than originally planned ­čÖü

Server issues were insane, cPanel setup kept saying email servers weren’t real, and since I know Gmail and AOL are real, well – it was pesky┬ábut got it sorted in the end, but still left me tired.

All in all my noon meeting went over great, some work to do today, but my┬ásecond meeting I’m now waiting on leg work from the customer – and hopefully today will bring more rest. I blame Lilly for rest last night, we laid down, and here I am. Totally missed a migration I had planned for last night, thankfully it was my plan, not a customer plan but I’m going to check DNS settings (I think the TTL is set to 300 still) and if that is the case, I’m going to flip it around 1pm.

For now going to sneak in a bit of work while the kiddo sleeps. I tried to go back to sleep myself, however still just too much to do and my brain is set on doing it. Happy Tuesday.

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