PS:209 – I’m tired.

I think that at the end of Post Something (PS) that if I were to do a search for the words “I’m tired.” I think it’s going to be at least a 3rd of all my posts.

Image 2016-08-13 at 2.16.13 AM

The closest I can get to a similar configuration from Apple would be $3,470.10 – Thanks to the miracle of Amazon Prime (even speeding up shipping to 1 day) I paid: $833.17. And it works. Actually looking at a 3rd SSD (when one is on sale) to triple boot if I can wing it, Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04, and El Capitan!

This day isn’t over, just taking a brief break as I dig into a server or three, so far speed has been amazing, hadn’t realized how laggy things were until I started rolling things out, I’ll get a few shots of it once I get things cleaned up as right now I rushed this in as the laptop was having issues – random reboots, lockups, app crashes, etc. So fresh feels good. Going lean-ish too not installing every app out there.

I hope to get in a little sleep this weekend, body has been hurting lately, just go go go, stress stress stress. Kidneys are having a rough time and limbs just don’t like pushing forward anymore. So for now, Goodnight. (I hope soon!)

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