PS:212 – New WordPress

Looks like the WordPress update dropped on time, seems to run just fine. Going to give it a few days before I push it on Customers in WordPress Management, just to be sure plugin and theme folks have time to update to use/fix/etc. features in this new release.

Aside from that, been a mixed day, kiddo isn’t feeling too good, some serious teething and growing going, it’s 100F outside and she’s curled up in blankets a giant ball of sweat! I have a lot on my mind today, seems like I have a HUGE pile of work, and its just spread out over 4 to-do lists, and is really needing to be dialed in and accomplished, even more, I’ve done a lot today alone, but seems like there is always 3 more piles of things to do!

For now getting my writing in early, as it may be another rough night of achy/pain 🙁 we have a date with Target after her nap to get Tylenol/Advil for her pain (and we are out of milk for Mac and Cheese which is soft, warm and delicious!) 🙂

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