PS:215 – 1k, No Sleep, Attacks, Did I already say no sleep?

It’s Friday. Wait. That doesn’t really apply to me. Doh!

It has been a rough week. Attacks on-going, a to-do list that gets knocked down only to grow, a 1k project dropped in my lap, 2 more migrations, low sleep (I mean its 4:21am at the moment) – a lot of things on-going for sure!

87 Tasks in this weeks to do. I’ve cleared about 30 of them, so really only 57 things left to do. But things MUST be better tomorrow, quote due beyond due, start on migration planning for the next week, have an impromptu one waiting on approval, Lilly has been awesome through it all at home working with Dad! She’s been hitting her board book collection (we got I think every pack Costco sold of Dr. Suse books, she loves Oh the thinks you can think, and to our BIG book compliments of our buddy Jon D. over in NZ!

Going to write one single email then head to bed! Hoping for a mellow day after all things turned in and maybe get that 57 up to 70 briefly then back down to at LEAST 30 if not lower before day’s end (please note day’s end = 11:59pm) Night all.

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