PS:216 – Tired. Got sleep, but still exhausted.

Sometimes I wonder why my body puts up with me, seems like without fail I run it long hours, and it keeps working. Last night I was going to take a cat-nap, and in turn ended up some 12 hours of sleep under my belt, plus then took a nap in the afternoon about 3 hours. I feel worse. I think I may be sick to boot.

Stress and a HUGE to-do have been a companion for a few weeks, throw in working late after a day of watching a kiddo. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid. I do – work has just been piling up, and that’s not even taking into account the projects I’ve considered investing into as alternative revenue streams – for instance some things I’d love to do vs. the day-in-day-out work I’ve got now?

This site would be an awesome revenue option, if I could find a continual writing schedule which would be easier than juggling Lilly while on a call for work (she’s awesome and loves to read her books as I talk) but if I just had to research and write? I could read with her or read her my babble 😉 but the site would be a possible revenue stream – not maybe as much as a 40 hour project re-working someone’s core website – I’d love the more solid time with my daughter, but a job is a job, and I have to make money to support my family.

3D Printing

This one I’ve started printing a few things, a few folks have even said they’d give me money for printing – even the gal at the UPS store said “Give me the link to your Etsy Store!” – if I did at least 3 days of printing a week I could have some amazing stuff like this:

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Anyone want a key chain? Yellow printing now!

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Keychains! It would be awesome to get things going, but I can only calibrate my MP Mini’s which don’t have huge print volume, I’m trying right now to get my Wanhao Duplicator i3 working, but it’s continually failing over a certain height 🙁 Going to reach out to support, they’ve replaced the main board, but at this point dedicated small prints are what I have, and even that – that could be money, and with a 1-20 hour window during printing, leaves more time for other things too!

Design Work

I still dabble in print design now and again, but honestly as of late its not there, and even that in the hour or two after Lilly crashes I could do it, feel like I’m an artist again, and get a lot of things in progress.

Reality though sinks in…

I’m a dad. I’d love to have all these projects running at full speed, but as it stands, I’m making a fair living, supporting my kiddo, she has food has clothes and a place to live. I love so many other areas of my life, but not as much as I get being a dad. It was once said to me “Chuck Brown being a dad means something is right with the world.” I agree. I have always wanted to be a dad. I am blessed with an amazing little girl. She’s smart, mischievous, silly, and lovable, amazing little girl who I always get amazing comments about as she tromps around like the world is her’s. It will be.

Maybe it means a tech site is on hold with 1.5 articles, maybe instead of a 3D printer she gets a potty, instead of designing someone else something I make my daughter something beautiful as she is, I do what I do to provide her an amazing life, just have to find a good balance for keeping up on those dreams, and also making sure I don’t miss too many moments of her growing into an amazing young little lady! <3

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