PS:229 – Friday’s are good… Right?

I’m exhausted. I have a large pile of things to do, and continually less energy to do it. I’ve submitted my hours for the week, amazing what you can get done from the hours of 11pm -> 6am, but does not do anything good for your body when a 2yr old wakes up at 8am and is ready to go!

I just ate a small snack of carrots, waiting on a server to re-compile, and watching a network test continue to unfold and see if my internet is sure’d up now. But been doing a lot of little cleanups here and there, new software I grabbed for backing up sites is doing an amazing job, going to deploy it on a few customer projects too.

This week accomplished some things, but overall? I’m tired still. I really just want to veg out this weekend if at all possible, but such is life, no rest. 🙁

May swap to the bed and put my feet up for a bit, still at least an hour to go on this project with the re-compile, not sure when I’ll get to sleep.

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