PS:233 – Update WordPress

A while back in an effort to try and make my life easier honestly, I offered a majority of my client base “Managed WordPress” it’s great software but it’s also easy to forget, it’s software. 

Like all good software, it updates, and so do things like Plugins and Themes. So I grabbed some software as an investment to help make things easier, however customers don’t always take advantage of it, and too branding it to 1 singular customer experience (Aka Not to resellers, server customers etc.) the goal is simple – make it portable, make it a value add or even more so a marketable option.

So this past week/weekend (it’s all a blur) I grabbed a new domain, parked the software on it, and over the next few weeks going to pitch it to server customers as a monthly/yearly product (thinking yearly) the goal is to help them save money in the long run, as if they can update their WordPress installs, I don’t spend hours repairing, and while I don’t get then a paycheck for repairing, I don’t also get stuck in front of a terminal cleaning up WordPress! More time to spend elsewhere.

Doing some basic clean-up tonight, been doing a lot of server work lately, so far all running smoothly, but still more to do this week. So going to try and establish a 1AM bedtime, 2AM at the ABSOLUTE latest, a lot of daily routines I want to build in more, some writing time, as it cools some drone time (for the youtube channel!) and hopefully before month’s end a regular afternoon/evening walk! Want to get my steps up, and some of this gut gone!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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