PS:247 – Must…

I’ve been asked many a time “How do you stay awake and functional even though you don’t sleep?” well honestly? I just have to, I must. I’ve stayed awake days, weeks, months in some cases because I must. Yes I said months, but I guess I simply compare it to that I don’t get an average week of sleep, or night, so for a month I may function on maybe 2-4 hours a night (at best) even as of late, sleep is minimal, there is work to be done.

Day two of this week and things are piling up, and yet I just really want to take a break. Being a dad, husband, business owner, takes a lot of your time. Never doing any of it exactly right, but doing my best! Occasionally I get to do something like fire-off something on the 3D Printer, I miss a functional piano, I have a keyboard but I’d love to get some praise and worship coming out of these fingers vs. just typing code, fixing WordPress, etc.

I do it, because I must.

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