PS:263 – Long day.

Today… oh heck I think it’s still yesterday! ahem the 5th has bled into the 6th – here we are day two of day five.

It has been a rough couple of days, trying to get a lot done during the day, but Lilly has been fussy. She didn’t take a nap today, she laid down on two pillows we made a makeshift bed for her and dozed in the car a little bit, but awake. Thus her sleep still fights to find normalcy as she goes to bed tonight at around 1:30 am. She had been doing good, but pain lately has been her nemesis. She’s been more clumsy lately, has a few bumps, trips over her own feet – yet… Can walk backwards amazingly well. LOL

I sadly have at least 1 more hour on the docket, going to fine tune mail on a few more servers, work on new status pages for server status pages which I’d love to say UptimeRobot guys – well done. Look amazing and lets me group up various servers to various status pages! Loving it! A lot of things I hope to accomplish this week and this weekend, as the following weekend a 2-mile walk in Springville for the Apple Festival, Lilly is gonna walk it too! Her recently self-training of wanting to “walk walk walk” prepares her perfectly for it 🙂 And since she LOVES apples, why not right? I’ll have a stroller on hand just in case she’s tired and we’ll turn back, but I think the cool weather & fine selection of Apple Goodies will be well received.

Well break is over, back to it!

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