PS:269 – Accident Prone Lilly

Lilly as of late has turned into a bit of a clutz (or maybe coming into what her DNA had to offer lol) but she’s got bumps, bruises, scrapes, you name it. Tomorrow will be nail cutting day as she’s got a cut on her nose as her talons have scratched in her sleep.

Sleep is another one I’m still working on, hoping tonight won’t be a late one, but thinking of a set wake-up time, but at the same time she’s been puny so hate to rob her of much needed sleep – but she has to get back on track, or she’ll be me 🙂 The mixed up sleeper, I mean I work well on low sleep, as an old friend had the article, I likely have a mutated gene for sleep requirements lol (yay I’m an X-Man!).

Hoping this night will be mellow.

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