PS:270 – .60

So a big change is coming in servers – cPanel is making some lovely improvements in the .60 build, DNSEC for one is a big request many have made, PowerDNS is lovely, SNI improvements etc. currently out as a RC and I’m dropping it on my personal server today as one of my projects. I want to kick the tires a bit, and be prep’d for what may come for customers.

Currently sitting a 2%, so as I wait, going to work on my stuff for a bit, cleared most of my AM calls so far, still a big list of things to do on the pile, but I’m strangely burnt out on other people’s projects, been a crazy week of trying to find time, but today I just feel tired. I feel a bit bleh. So going to try and take it easy, have an appointment with Disney on Ice tonight, tomorrow busy busy, and a 2 mile walk on Saturday in Springville.

When do I take breaks again?

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