PS:274 – Grow

Tonight I’ve done a lot of work as the kid has tried to wind down – but one was researching a safe way to check my credit score, get a better grip on where my finances are leading into a new year (2017 is just a breath away) – I did find it odd a check I deposited today wasn’t listed on the online banking, have to double check my deposit slip, and maybe swing by tomorrow and see what’s up if it doesn’t appear.

I did settle on Mint which I had setup years ago, credit score is a smidge down from where I imagined, but improving it slowly but surely – having a kid and such really can get distracting, but things are improving, and like my previous post wanting to grow the business and the office, all things must grow! For now hoping to match last night’s bedtime for the kiddo, but tummy has been rough today. We shall see.

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