PS:28 – Whiskey Valentines

I did the whole valentines thing on Friday. Flowers & Dinner. I did well. Actual valentines day I apparently did well again. Snuck up to Whiskey Flats day in Kernville – where Lilly got to be a firefighter!


She had fun I think. No drone on this trip, but I will say there are SEVERAL places I want to go with it in that area, but that’s a journey for another day.

Me? I’m exhausted. If I didn’t have some work to check in on and push a few buttons, I’d be asleep right now – but getting in my writing, looking for something mindless to put on to watch as I work. I need sleep – busy week ahead.

Oh okay, one more picture!


She does love giraffes! She was walking & running today like crazy! She’s growing up too fast, I get older this month, her mom next month and her in July! Oi!

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