PS:287 – Missing Posts

So if you actually are reading this, then you may note that there has been about a 3-week gap. Good reason for that too – you’ll note in one of the last posts there is a picture of Lilly and it was entitled “Home” well I’ve got a new place, it has been a busy couple of weeks getting moved, getting settled, making sure I get work done to afford this place! You know small stuff.

I could go back and say “Hrmm.. what was I doing on the 30th?” but instead, I’m just moving forward, still will continue the Post Something idea, try to keep to daily writing, but we shall see if that actually sticks, no one really is reading this, and it is a bit more of a venting process at some level, but we shall see.

For now really working on trying to put together a schedule for writing, developing, etc. going to launch a site building service for customers starting at around $200 and up, wanting to get TFH up and running even if it’s just a blog for tech writing, leave this for personal only, and put all tech thoughts there – and maybe grow a brand. Too I’ve found a possible t-shirt company to work with, and if it goes well may make a store for designs and such, so some revenue stream options are there!

Still waiting (like a year later) for a side-gig to become a full-time gig and if that happened, would simplify a lot of things, but for now? Going to just keep moving forward, all I can do! Holiday’s are coming up and I’m dead tired – even this morning woke up at around 4am, and have been up since. Going to work on a few websites while Lilly’s sleeping and see if I can’t wrap up a few things project wise today!

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