PS:289 – Survived the Turkey

Here we are on the other side of the turkey, been a crazy week, going to be a busy weekend of programming, working on that now, but calling it a night soon, then digging into the code which I hope to wrap up today and Monday, but sadly I fear it’ll come down to the wire.

Been working on a lot of things lately, one of which is learning my way around Git – getting my feet wet for the varied projects I have in the works – but also just a lot of server work lately, tuning up varied customer boxes, planning for PowerDNS, a few migrations, and just a lot of work going into FlockHosting at the moment, follow that up with TN, but just trying a BIG push of work to really bring up sales leading into 2017.

Hard to believe this year is nearly over, 27 is coming, 15 is coming, 3 is coming. Lots of things coming soon. For now? Wrapping up and going to bed.

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