PS:290 — Bummed.

Many have said it and I’m going to agree. 2016 was rough, but you know what else is true about trials? You come out on the other side stronger, tempered, ready to conquer the world, unless you let it just shatter you.

I’ve felt incredibly un-appreciated lately. I’ve been running myself ragged the past few weeks even now it’s nearly 5AM, sitting in the office working. Customers aren’t paying. Some by choice, some out of spam filters, and others because they’ve passed away.

Sucks to have customers not care, but in the case of one project, it was to help a friend, but he’s now decided to take my “deal” pricing and explain to me he’s not going to pay because he’s not happy, and wants to part ways:

I just don’t want to waste your time anymore. I will not use site. Please let me know how much I owe you for your troubles. I really appreciate you trying to help me. Thank you

That’s what I got via text, and when I said what the total was for my time, he tells me we need to have a meeting to “discuss” things and mind you this is the common thread, last time to re-build everything, I was promised an additional payment for my troubles, but seems my troubles are up for discussion.

I’ve been bummed out about this, about another customer who’s over a week overdue on a 20hr project, bummed about a sick kiddo, no sleep, and just growth being lack-luster.

But that’s 2016 wrapping up, 2017? Not looking for bummed. Looking for big change. Growth, maybe a steady paycheck from a customer or two. Growing the hosting platform, even tonight building out a customer file-share to get customers video guides (like I just did tonight!) – maybe phasing out Dropbox or just using this for simple storage on my own hosted platform.

This year I want to really focus on growth of the business not just the ministry aspect of things – for a few years now the only growth center has been Church Hosting, on the Thrust Networks side it’s been more side work which is great managing other comapnies assets, but I want to grow mine.

Home office is still in the growth stage too – I want to build a backup server, I have 3 x 5TB drives which I want to use to build a FreeNAS setup – but that’s once the budget levels out, and probably taxes are done so I have everything out the door of big expenses.

I’ve been toying with the idea of an employee too if I can grow things. Thinking someone more in the realm of Sales/Billing – someone to handle that insanity, help me get myself easily be ready for things like taxes and things vs. the big rush in April.

It’s 16 years in business this year – 16 YEARS! That’s just plain crazy. Even one of the companies I do business with (and need to email later today) let me know was an amazing thing in our day in age. So many companies in hosting do sign-up, get a server, then fade away. I’ve know a number, but 16 years. Yowza!

Things I do want to do before the year’s end include (but not limited to:

  • T-Shirt Store Online – Random Gear for FlockHosting, Odd Jobs, and Maybe my own unique set of designs? Basically passive income.
  • Fully Launch TFH – Not going to be an overnight sucess, but have some good content in mind, again more passive income.
  • Launch New – New look, new packages, simpler, faster, cleaner.

That’s the big things, I want this year coming to be a big one, I know folks say that, but recently just looking at things, and you know if you don’t grow, things won’t get better, if things don’t get better, you become stale, and the next 21 yr old kid out of college does the same thing you do but with more energy, you’ve just lost 1/3 of your business because his site has more information.

No more being bummed out. For now though I do need sleep. Dad mode begins in like 2 hours. Night all.

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