PS:291 — No sleep.

It never fails. Sleep is completely lost over the process of a night, got maybe 45 minute power nap during the day, and tonight, I’m hoping to wrap up here soon.

Putting in some more ground work on the tasks I set ahead of myself, TFH is hovering pretty well, really going over some things which are part of a course I signed up for – it will help focus me a bit more and get things lined up to hopefully grow it into a business a bit more.

Clothing and such, really excited about this, but not sure what I am going to do design wise 100%, the company who’s going to do my printing has offered a sample, I just need to provide the artwork, thinking a nice FlockHosting shirt would be nice, take my collection up to two, and maybe get a poster for the wall in here… artwork, now I sound all fancy.

New is not where I want it to be, maybe more time on it here tomorrow after some sleep.

For now, few more hours of work, then hopefully in bed before 3 if I can wing it.

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