PS:303 – Unmotivated.

I just can’t seem to get myself really “hungry” to work right now. It has been a fairly blah week. I find myself exhausted. Seems like I run a ragged week only to run a busy weekend, only to start another week running.

I’m honestly so unmotivated to work lately if it wasn’t for the fact that bills must be paid, mouths must be filled, I’d probably just be a lump on the couch. I’m tired, and honestly? A bit sad.

Life never said on day one “It’s going to be easy! Enjoy the ride!” no it simply said “Here’s a life. Live it.” and that’s what we do.

Being a business owner sucks. Honestly, there are parts I’d give up in a heartbeat. For one? Finances. There are times I wish that the money part like invoicing, hardware payments, etc. all simply was not part of my job, but I’m a solo act at the moment, and until some larger revenue streams come into place to support the addition of another employee – it’s on my shoulders.

Not easy. Hopefully, though this year will present some additional revenue streams, maybe find a good service to manage my finances – would be nice to have everything DONE and simply focus/worry about making things work. I’m good at that! I’m good at making sure folks websites are online, repaired, fixed, running smoothly – but even then that work I do, it’s sad when the customer decides when is a good time to pay.

I’m dealing lately with a few customers who have my finances taking a punch in the gut as I invest time in a project, the idea is I get paid when it’s done, and then the customer decides “Nope!” and even now I have 2 invoices of a decent size from projects which are over a week overdue. 🙁 That’s not a motivation to do more work.

Again, maybe it’s time to be a lump on a log. Or maybe I just need to get more sleep. Time will tell.

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