PS:305 – Friday’s are good right?

One thing that never fails in the 15+ years I’ve been doing this whole “Web Hosting” game I’m in is Friday’s for me? Tend to be work days that make work-weekends.

Never fails as 5PM draws near, I get the pile of projects. As it stands this is my 1AM break which allows me to clear my head before I head into a big server data swap + server build + software debug for customers.

I need a break, and I know Tuesday is on my radar if I can wing it for a “break” not sure entirely what that will be, but it will be hopefully at the very least semi-relaxing. Why Tuesday? It’s the 28th.

Sometimes I forget I’m going to be 37. How time flies. My birthday the last 10 years or so has been something of reflection more than celebration, so who knows what Tuesday will bring. I may just drive up the hill and chill, or maybe a nap? Time will tell.

My break is done. Time to get back to it. sigh I miss being a kid with no responsibilities.

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