PS:310 – Surprise, I’m tired!

I know it’s rare for me to mention this, but I’m tired. I just wrapped up some code that I’d hoped to get done earlier, but you try juggling a needy 2.67-year-old (yes I’m going up from sticking at 2.5! She’s older!), mail, bank, Costco, etc. only so many hours in the day.

The code actually turned out quite nice, executes some 14k operations in about 6 minutes, too bad overall, generates 20 CSV files to map the files it downloaded and then saves them all nice a purdy. Works amazingly well – now if there is ever another hiccup like previously, simply re-import these CSV files for the person having an issue, and ta-da image assets all re-added.

I would love to re-code this beast from the ground up, take out the oddities of a framework. Honestly not because I’m somehow anti-frameworks, but sadly this one was not kept up, and the app was developed very different and not much foresight into the idea the site would grow larger. It doesn’t scale.

I’ve talked about it before, it’s image system for managing sucks. – And due to either someone’s lack of a stock # or something else odd, images are being cleared when they are supposed to stick around – in my script I do fix the issue one one side of file names, use the unique id + company id to create a new image in a single folder. It’s lovely.

Fell asleep after writing this and it got buried underneath a pile of browser windows! Heading into the day once the kiddo wakes up, but too many late nights. Need to get piles done, back on track and caught up where I NEED to be. Happy Thursday Folks.

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