PS:321 — Gotta Move

Do you ever feel like you are simply standing still? That may not make sense, imagine you are on the coastline, feet in the water. You don’t move and the sand slowly moves around you covering your feet.  Lately, I feel like that. My feet have been stuck.

However, I have been rocking. I have been trying to get out the rut I am in because it’s sad that rut that says “Never going to change, can’t make it change” – I look at my business and I’ve honestly been a bit saddened by where it’s at.

2 years have gone by and yes my “business” has grown for a time, but it was one big contract, and sadly that contract is drying up more and more, got a good week or two in this month, but even this past week – dry as a bone.  I look at my business and it’s grown some, but honestly, it’s time for a kick in the pants.

This weekend has been about 2 things. Writing & Sleeping. Can’t believe it’s already Sunday, but the goal of this weekend is to FINISH not “get close” or “get distracted” but get it FlockHosting done, new site, new packages I’ve been working on for far too long, get it out there and see where it goes.

I’ve been blessed too that a radio station or two I know are going to create/run radio spots for FlockHosting which is why I want to really get it ready and have it ready for folks to get themselves online.

What about Thrust Networks? The perpetual “Coming Soon Page” – long ago it actually had a website attached to it created by Julie B. back in 2001. It was a great site:

But times changed, the company changed and honestly? I had more activity on FlockHosting, but now the goal is to have a strong presence on each. Really try to amp up a bit to provide some various services from each but growth is needed, moving my feet out of the sand and start walking on the beach.

I have also applied to another job position out and about – hopefully, to replace the current fading job, it’d be nice to really to being a W2’d vs. a 1099’r.

Moving forward. Monday I will have a new site live. No excuses (well short of a sick family member – but one hospital visit is enough for now!)  Thrust Networks Next, to have some gear for Thrust Networks en route too, would love to go to some meetings in town with a cool Thrust Networks Polo 🙂

Gotta keep moving forward, or as Dory would say “Just keep swimming!”

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