PS:322 – Content Written

I don’t think I have written that much in a long long long time. But I have the base copy written out and ready for some final edits, graphics, then package and cut things over, and to a new entire server for the sites!

Excited about this new setup, about the new pricing, hoping to really have some new packages coming in – a few promo options too which would be nice for some new sign-ups, maybe a landing page or two if I can squeeze it in, but so much to do and I figure I’ll get some sleep if I can get some shoulder pain down.

A productive day and most of it has actually been on the iPad. Even now I am catching up on Doctor Who Season 10 on the TV, the iPad on it’s stand, keyboard on my lap and just typing away on this keyboard been fairly comfy and productive most of the night! Bear (the writing app I use) is getting a lot of use, but I do wish Grammarly was some how tied in, would make proofing a lot easier. 🙂

For now I think I’ll get a few graphics created before I crash out. Night.

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