PS:328 – Days Left… or Right.

Days left (as of writing) in this year are 162. That’s it. I only have 37 days until I have written a year’s worth of blog posts. Seems workable.

Been one of those weeks. No stop. Ok, there were a few stops which I hadn’t planned on, thus why it’s 4 am and I’m still awake.

I’ve been working on TFH ideas in the background, TNLLC site ideas, and really putting together some nice finishing touches on FH.  Yes, most of that may seem like code, but typing is not fun right now. I’ve been in this chair too long today.

Next week could be similar, a lot to get done, have one project finally 50% done, I wish it was closer to 75%, but I do sleep now and again, but the goal is to wrap it up no-matter-what this week, that includes a music class, gymnastics class & a swim class for Ms. 3 years old this week 🙂 She’s a busy kiddo, a little overwhelmed by Gymnastics, but she’s learning, she’s exploring, she’s a happy kid.

So going to try and wrap things up here at 4:06 am, tomorrow there are plans to be busy, but honestly? I just want to rest this weekend, but Lilly’s Aunt is coming down, there is a party, I’m in charge of a cake, and I think pizza lol. Aka I guess I’m the food guy! So a lot to work on might as well get at least 5 hours in before I must be awake. Night all.

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