PS:353 – And some are!

It has been quite the week. Dental work has left me still a little swollen from Tuesday (guy’s gotta eat!) but it’s calming down some still, a little bleeding as they said there might be, but so far today least it’s been since the pre-crown procedure.

This weekend some more into the move, having a 10×12 shed built in the backyard for storage & maybe depending on how laid out, I may run power enough to run a 3D printer… time will tell – BUT a busy weekend and a busy day today as we still need to run go get the lumber and such to get this thing built.

Now the “and some are” is in regards to the recent bogus job offer call, today I talked with a long time friend and client about some upcoming life changes he has going on, and how I am to be part of it, so it could be some good side work and some additional revenue on something I know how to do! So very excited.

Secondly, I got word back from my contract I sent out wanting an even tighter breakdown of what my project entails because they’ve been burnt before and want to ensure what I’m doing works – so I have a write-up I hope to have done by tonight before a migration, some pricing to consider on the side work, and then a busy weekend without much rest I’m guessing.

So for now, this was my 15 minute break to dump a little bit of stuff stored up in the buffer, and then back to my timing of the data migration for tonight (God Bless rsync) – should be maybe a 1-3GB update per server, mainly full re-sync of SQL & email, so at 2 hours for one server, into hour 3 of another – so back to work!

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