PS:357 – Sheds, Moving, Internet

So… Where to start… I helped build a shed:

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It's a shed. #imtired

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I take no complete credit, I helped and had my dad and uncle get me squared away! Very happy, loading it up tomorrow morning some.

The 31st of this month I’m to be 100% moved. I’m tired.

Next Friday they’ll get my internet access working at the new old place, actually getting a 100Mbps upgrade as the cost of my 200Mbps ends next week and no longer will it be $50 a month, so compared to what my account will become and what the 100Mbps will be, I took the dive forward.\

A lot to do, an early morning again tomorrow, so wrapping it up. If you have a spare minute be sure to say an extra prayer for me, busy busy busy.

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