PS:360 – 5 more to go.

By no means did I actually do a post a day for a year, but I’m rapidly coming up on a full year worth of posts. Not exactly the feat I had in mind when starting this PS idea, but none the less I’m coming up on finished.

Tonight I’ve been trying to focus on working. It’s not working. I’ve torn down a site, put it mostly back together, then tore it down again.

I’ve looked at my code on a program, and realized that it’ll never work, but not because the code is bad, but because the guy who coded the original site didn’t give any data manually inputted any different than something inputted by the nightly import from an external dataset. So I can’t purge outdated entries, without destroying the entire database. Fun.

And lastly, had my blood sugar spike and feel like crap. Yes, it’s 1:13 am, and I’m going to go for a walk. Maybe it’ll clear my head, maybe it’ll lower my sugar, maybe I’ll come home and just pass out. It’s been a long day.

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