PS:4 – Project Fi Followup

So a while back in my last attempt to post something I wrote about Project Fi. Well, I’ve been using it a few months now, a cell phone bill around $30 a month for unlimited talk/text – 3GB data that I use or don’t pay for, and my feedback is? I like it.

It’s not perfect, sometimes I get knocked around networks, sometimes the wifi calling can be “okay” and not great – but for the price and access to two networks, can’t go too wrong, but as a business line it’s doing just fine!

It still has to use the Google Created phones (No 3rd party phones) but they keep adding to it. Recently offered a data-only SIM card so if I had a GSM enabled tablet/hotspot I could put it in and use the network at a “pay if you use it” rate like I do with data currently!

All in all, if you are fed up with your provider, it’s not a bad switch! Check it out here!

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