PS:40 – What is TFH?

A while back I came up with an idea. Like all good ideas, they don’t go anywhere! I’ve invested money in hardware, logo design, software, and have some main articles written. For what? Tech Friendly Help.

The goal? Just as the name states: Friendly Tech Help. I’ve got a slew of article ideas, video guides, you name it. But it’s finding the time to write, properly review and so much more! Even now writing this in-between a data recovery & server migration (server 1 of 2) – Throw in a kid and all other areas of life? Oi.

So how do I move on this? Next week one of my posts here will be a welcome video that I hope to produce next week after things get rolling smoothly.

I’d love to see the site take off and be something helpful for folks. I know so many who even to me come sheepishly asking for repair of this, or should they buy that? Hope to provide a lot of great information to get a good grip on the tech that troubles you.

So stay tuned. Fun things ahead.

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