PS:45 – Encouragement

I deal with a lot of problems in a day/week/month/year – and folks don’t always start off with “I appreciate your hard work!” in fact most times it is high-stress entry to “OH MY GOD ITS DOWN!” or “OH MY GOD I’M HACKED!” or “WHERE IS MY TIGER!”.

Okay, that last one is Lilly. That’s easily fixed. 🙂

But encouragement and positive doesn’t always come in the IT industry. One of the primary reasons I think that IT guys as a stereotype are a big gruff and not too personal. It’s an under appreciated job. Because let’s face it we think of technology as needing to always just “be there” and folk don’t realize the stress in sometimes fixing or restoring things.

I helped set up an old friend with some hosting, and we had a little back and forth catching up a tad – he wrote this:

Image 2016-03-02 at 8.58.09 AM

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself as an inspriation. After a month that didn’t really help with calm downtime or low work stress, a nice reminder that God is in control, I may have a Job Moment or three, but God is still God.

Nice to be built up. Time to tackle this day!


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