PS:48 – Instruments

The lyrics of a song “Instrument” by Matt Maher hit me tonight, mainly the chorus, but it starts off like this:

Where there is hatred Lord, let me sow your love
Where there’s injury, let forgiveness be enough
Are we giving up, fighting the good fight
Where there is despair, just a flicker in the flame
Could break the veil of night

To the Father and the Son
And the Holy Spirit, three in One
I offer you myself, though I’m broken and spent
Let me be Your instrument
Let me be Your instrument

If you want to listen to it, definitely worth a listen, it’s on Matt’s Youtube Page.

I’ve had a rough couple of years. Life has not been easy, not been fair, not been what I feel is “pro chuck”, and I try to remember that it is not about Me, but it is about God first and foremost, and I think what instrument am I?

I am broken and spent. God has no mighty use for me, but yet He uses me. To help the church with a website that helps bring in new people. A voice to someone who’s broken. A hand up to the person on the street. But is that my only instrument?

The definition is “a tool or implement, especially one for delicate or scientific work.” or “an object or device for producing musical sounds.” either way a work to bring something to be changed or bring attention with sound. I want my life more than anything to be able to never ceasing to bring joy to God.

One day I hope to be able to share my story entirely, it has been quiet these past few years, my life isn’t out there as much as it used to be, but who knows as I cling more and more to God, maybe He’ll show me where my life again will be an instrument to God, for it was never about praise of Chuck, it was about sharing a life that God was trying to work in, where I allowed and where I failed for life is full of good and bad days.

If you are a steady reader of this blog, and for the stats at least 2 read it! (Hi Google Bot!) I’d ask for your prayers, life is crazy right now, busy, stressful, sad and exhausted. God’s got something planned I’m sure but right now trying to avoid my story of Job resulting in me cursing God and dying, for I know he has something big planned on the other side of the dark, for out of it can only be light. I want to be an instrument again!

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