PS:5 – The Day that wasn’t.

So yesterday ended up being pretty much a waste/change day. It started off very early with my CC Processor shutting down my account. The reason was “bad tax data” I had sent it over. However, it was blank. I reached out, yet as I found out later, they did this to a lot of their customers.

So after Lilly woke up, I got the 800 number and waited. 3 hours and 29 minutes of waiting. In that time, I fixed two servers, made Lilly and me lunch, and got a kid to sleep.

Now around the 3h 29m mark, I decided to try calling from another line, curious to see if maybe it had a message like “We are experiencing _________”. However it quickly asked me for my account code, confirmation of my name then told me details about my account, then suddenly I was talking to support agent #1.

Short version is such, 3 agents in and I was promised by “end of business” my ability to process cards would return, however, it did not. Thankfully I had a backup, a processor I use for contracting had a plugin for my billing system, so since it cut out a monthly fee and shared the same rates, I cut over both billing systems to the new alternative.

Sad to make the switch at some level, I’ve been using this company for the better part of my business, previously it was provided by a company which came highly discounted with my original billing system – but here we are, onto #3.

So far so good, has an excellent iPhone app and easy integration. Needless to say 4+ hours of my life on hold/talking wasn’t my plan for my Thursday, but here we are TGIF, more work to do! Happy Friday!

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