PS:51 – Websites, Sleep and Writing

Lately, that seems to be my life. Websites. Busy beyond busy, working Thrust Networks / FlockHosting + Sysadmin Job (in the works) which I got the news the delay is the budget confirmation / finalization of a budget to pay a “Head of a Department”. So I guess the job offer was a little more robust than I originally got the gist of from the original email.

But pushing forward, yesterday got some much-needed sleep, a minor hiccup at around 4 am as horrible beyond horrible reflux hit me. I’m still alive some three Tums later and some sitting up – but still managed to get nearly 6 hours of sleep then follow up with few more hours before morning came and time to get running again.

Writing I’m doing better in it seems, Grammarly is helping out a lot, and I am going to start writing directly into TFH’s WordPress, saving me a lot of time but to letting me use Grammarly to help spruce up my wording. Only thing is it isn’t always tech friendly, as there are tech terms it doesn’t completely understand, but it’s going to learn slowly but surely with me 🙂

Well to a few more hours of work tonight, need to get a lot of things for another migration (seems to be a common theme lately!) good night all!

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