PS:52 – Blog Spruce Up

Even with a fair amount of exhaustion in me right now, I am trying to stay as active as possible. So what better way to improve than a fresh coat of paint. Thus a spruce up of the blog. A different theme, new functionality with my YouTube channel. Looks good. Even spruced up my copy of Piwik! Though I am experimenting again with Google Analytics for TFH which will tie into some advertising metrics.

Have a post thought up for tomorrow about my Adventures in Raspberry Pi 2 land, currently have my Pi working as a LAMP setup for website dev, but has a few other side projects in it too – I’ll post more on those tomorrow.

For now, 3 hours under my belt. Lilly woke up at 7:30, stayed awake about an hour then curled up in blankets and now owns the bed. She’s a sleepy baby girl.

So what do you think of the new digs? Thoughts? Comments?

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