PS:56 – Things are BIG

Sometimes I don’t realize what I host. I think “Oh this is just” and I don’t go much further than that.

Well, I am trying to have an insanely lazy day, so I went over to Amazon to see if anything on Prime looked good to fall asleep. Amazon tells me “Listen to this new album by “customer domain” – apparently this client I helped has a relatively large following, and well – wow.

I’ve done projects over the years for BigIdea, Various Bands, Products, Games, Movies, etc. I never really put together the insane size, I am just given a project, a budget, and told “Go forth man, build!” and I do!

So cool to see things I’ve had my hand in, fixing, hosting, making, etc. for customers and see that these are sites that have a big effect. Who knows maybe one day one of my projects will hold this sort of coverage and size! I can hope!

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