PS:58 – Crash and Burn

So yesterday (the joy of Monday) I puked, passed out, and made the day a complete rest day. Oi.

I wandered off into one of my new favorite spots to try and get the time lapse stuff working on my Mac Book as haven’t gotten the Raspberry Pi where it can go headless regarding commands (have a few ideas in mind). I took and used Homebrew on the MB to get things rolling for a test, and after three times I got two brief videos (150-180 photos):

The second YouTube attempted to “help” improve upon the lighting as ISO settings went crazy, so need to find a better manual settings – but spent about an hour in cold and breezy weather. Not too shabby for a first run.

Today, though, easy going, taking on some tickets, new church hosting signup’s and, of course, Ms. Lilly Grace running around behind me and in 8 minutes I’ve promised her we’ll grab lunch – may eat at the park. Not sure. Few more things to wrap up then it’s off we go!

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