PS:65 – What to say…

What do I say at 65 posts in? I have a lot going on in the personal side of things, but just not the time to say anything. Work? Same as yesterday. Projects? I need a kick in the pants. Sleep? Apparently per the teller at my bank, 2-day nap is called a comma.

Today was a rough day, and I knew this week would be hard, but hard now in more ways that one.

I have 3 things I was supposed to get done, before going to bed. I’m thinking that may just be a lost cause. I’ll get things to folks in the AM is my plan, get to bed before 1am, then up no later than 945am – should make for a complete day tomorrow. Lots to do. Little time. I’m super tired so sleep vs. poorly done projects is the plan.

Prayers for me, but too for a Sister in Law’s fam as they lost a member recently, and my friend for his fam as his dad had some cancer found 🙁 Rough times around, prayers appreciated all around!

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