PS:76 – 3D Print-ish

So I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with life, that … type stuff.  I recorded 32 minutes of video for FlockHosting’s monthly blog, it’s only three months behind, but then I found out a sad thing – ZERO AUDIO! Oh man, that made me sad, I had gotten into it. Talked about some cool things, but sadly, no audio! I recorded again and did a few takes of about 16 minutes of video; I guess it was a 32-minute  trial run. But leaves a lot of things out there which I am still saying “What next?”

A few things on the radar lately are some creative outlets, mainly 3D Printing. I am in love with the idea; I could make a real store on Etsy or even my own .com – I love the ability to create it on screen and print it out – makes me think of replicators on Star Trek. To it’s another avenue for funds, read up enough to find a mid-range printer with awesome quality, affordable filament, and a slew of tools free to create fun things! I mean folks are paying $10-$15 for cookie cutters on Etsy – but even for myself make promotional goodies like keychains and to gifts for family/friends.

Is 3D Printing my next jump in who I am? I’ve always been a tad of everything; even my father doesn’t know where what I can do stops and what I can’t do begins, he always told me he never knows what to tell people I do. Anymore I don’t know either.

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