PS:77 – Breathing…. Not as easy as you’d think.

I have been congested for two days now, and over the last 2-3 hours I’ve been drinking water, tea, apple juice, and right now I’ve got about 76% of my ability to breathe working. Oi.

This weekend presented with a big server project, physical hardware came in, and it was my part to get it running, and as we moved forward to ensure it was optimized & secured. Still a lot of work to do, and still hoping to see it moved forward when it comes to overall security as it’s about two years behind but I can’t upgrade without breaking a LOT of code.

So this week leaves me with a big pile, as usual, a kiddo who is puny and me who is also feeling at half energy – should make for a busy week. Hopefully, one we’ll see the end of soon!

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