PS:81 – New Servers

For the two years I’ve been with a server company of which, we have had maybe five huge outages, no hardware failures, no “Oh hey, we lost your server” moments. I’ve been with some server companies over the years, and I’ve experienced a TON. I mean it all started way back when with my brother in our bedroom using a company in San Diego which did some amazing stuff back before “cloud” – they did a fantastic job, and they are still around!

But with some outages, and the latest dealing still with “Power” I have to make a move. I hate migrations, but I also love them, fresh hardware gives a new chance to push new configurations, also presents like in my recent testing errors like:

The system changed the password for the database user “XXXXXX” to a random string because the original password used an old and insecure format that is incompatible with MySQL version (x.x.x.x-MariaDB). You must manually change the password for “XXXXXX” to match the original password in order to ensure that applications that use the credentials will continue to function.

An easy fix (change the password to the old password) 🙂 but that’s easy when it’s in maybe ten sites of my own, throw in customer configurations Oi. 100+ sites migrated with a Database connection error? I can already fear the tickets…. so many tickets.

New servers are coming, looking at moving away from OpenVZ as well, I like its easy nature, but KVM would offer me the ability to do some things including a virtual desktop I want to setup over the VPN, so I have a Windows Rig in the cloud 🙂

Say a prayer, going to be a BUSY April!

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