PS:85 – Getting Creative

I love being creative. I do it with IT all the time! Create a fix, create a solution, create a working product.

Lately, though my artistic side is wanting to come out more and more. The drone is a huge element of that, my camera, getting out there and capturing the world. I have a ton of photos now that this site has had an upgrade or two, I want to upload more photos, avoiding social media sites for now on the element of posting out there, then worrying about copyright and such.

I too want to explore making things – the 3D Printer is a huge part of that push. Make a toy for Lilly, replace a broken piece of something, cookie cutters, random gadgets for an Etsy store! Yes, my creativity can be a touch of profit, most of it would likely be simple enough just to go back into the pot for creativity.

After taxes, and I pay Ceaser what he is due. I am going to look seriously at the 3D Printer, even looked at BestBuy while shopping for a mouse, their only expensive option is small compared to what I am looking at now, but their 3D Scanner… might require a long-term investment 😀

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